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I've felt it. The first  stray nips of a wind that signals the impending chill of fall.

Usually, it's my cue to pretend that summer will never end, so I pull out every pair of shorts I have and rock them with sandals till the days get shorter.

Don't judge me, ok?

Delusions aside, everyone needs a jacket like Rag & Bone's textured leather Norton. You know, something not too bulky for the last call of summer, that can also do justice during these increasingly cool evenings.

And what's best about the Norton, is its Moto finish in a feminine, blush tone.

Trust me when I tell you this can be worn with everything from your most girly maxi skirts to the sharpest, seamed trousers you've got...


NB Image courtesy Net-a-Porter/Rag & Bone