Snowdon Blue Book by Acne

Snowdon Blue Shirts by Acne

A coffee-table book featuring snapshots of famous people sitting around isn't very newsy, in and of itself. But if the aforementioned famous people are outfitted in one of Lord Snowdon's blue shirts, photographed by the man himself, and the resulting images carefully curated by Acne Studios into a hardcover piece?

Well, that's something worth paying attention to...

In a few days, the good folks at Acne will release said images in their Snowdon Blue tome, along with a few commemorative shirts made especially for the occasion; consider it their take on Snowdon's penchant for dressing his well-known subjects in blue tones for sittings.

For my part, I'm eyeing that pyjama-like shirt and hoping it's long enough to wear as a casual shirtdress for the spring. With a little tights or shorts underneath, of course...

Find out more about Lord Snowdon's work here

Check Acne online for the release of Snowdon Blue


NB Images Courtesy 10 Magazine