Oh yes he does, and it's hilarious!

Regardless of your level of interest in American politics or cultural disconnects, you must recognize the inherent humor of artist Jayson Musson's social commentary. Whether you love or hate Barack Obama,  we should at least be able to agree on how awesome it is that his 'Magic Tears' give men more staying power in the sack, no?

Perhaps some of you are familiar with Hennessy Youngman, Musson's art-world demystifying, gold-chain wearing alter ego from the Art Thoughtz video series. Or maybe you're not. For the longest time, I myself had no idea what an Art Thoughtz was; my introduction to Musson's work came through the earlier illustrations above, and through some crazier mash-ups which featured the evil Mojojo (yes, from the PowerPuff girls) in NSFW situations.

Irony, satirical sketches and video posturing aside, Musson has cultivated a three-pronged attack on contemporary art that leaves the viewer defenseless to the messages within his intriguing work; no one part is effective without the other.

There's the approachable drawing style which, as benign as it initially seems, allows for artworks that contain pointed overtones and provokes deeper thought. The humorous slant takes your guard down; it's difficult to be anti-anything when you're keeled over with laughter. And finally, there are the writings. An integral part of Musson's pieces, the quotes, dialogues and small passages worked into his drawings underscore his points - just in case you somehow missed it whilst LOL.

From March 31st, Musson is staging his New York debut at the Postmasters gallery in Chelsea, and I strongly suggest you pop around for it. Postmasters are known for mounting shows that, as offbeat as they initially seem, always resonate with the viewer.

Installation views from their 2009 staging of Spencer Finch's The Brain - Is wider than the Sky still float through my mind, and I'm certain that Musson's show will have the same effect.

Otherwise, why not take up the invitation to show in Hennessy Youngman's crowd-sourced exhibition at the newly opened Family Business gallery - just for the hell of it?


NB Image Courtesy Jayson Musson

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