I love a good independent magazine. But there comes a time when the naked body of a pubescent, contorted model on the cover of yet another indie title can no longer be passed-off as being provocative or arty; such repeat imagery is more in keeping with a distasteful gimmick, non?

Enter Terroir Magazine. For starters, its not even a strictly lifestyle or fashion publication and thus the lo-fi imagery used doesn't have to include the aforementioned contorted nude, in order to be cool.The unaffected layout quietly demands our attention, as does its creators' eye for interesting location shots.

Produced as a collaboration between Benjamin Koh, Pauline Ho and Sandy Ng, the magazine reflects 'Singaporean perspectives on travel [and shares] what various places meant to their Singaporean authors'. Quite an original, decided take for a bespoke magazine...

I like this; it's so refreshing to see a publication offering an alternative cultural viewpoint on places we may - or may not - be familiar with. 

Looking forward to adding this to my collection... Click here to do the same. 


NB Images Courtesy Terroir Magazine/Pepper & Cinnamon