Derek Lam's well turned-out looks may not be of the razzle-dazzle, trendy variety; his women are always coolly-sophisticated. Yet, his separates often inspire just the sort of zealousness reserved for those pieces that demand our attention with kitschy appeal.

Opting for a sense of austerity and understatement, Lam presented a sleek collection which managed to combine timelessness and modernity in every piece. And besides, it's nice to see a designer whose work doesn't belittle a woman's sartorial needs with toy-like adornments and overwrought frivolity, yes?

This is the kind of fashion that can easily slip into a woman's heavy-rotation set, and Lam, being a designer who doesn't pander to 'one-wear' fads, brilliantly plays toward this in his FW2012 collection.

Most, if not all of the ensembles featured lynch-pin classics, updated with a reserve twist; pencil skirts were done in a highly polished leather, shell tops were thoughtfully tailored, and supple touches of fur brought the luxurious into the everyday.

It isn't often that a head-to-toe runway look can actually be worn - as is - off the runway. But that's exactly what Lam's collection entices us to do...


 NB Image Courtesy Derek Lam/