Winter Wear - REISS Camel Topcoat

Here's the thing about January: it's a month of contradictions. The start of the year (and my birth month!), January always brings a celebratory feel to it. Yet it also signals that winter is in full swing, and no one really wants to venture outdoors to celebrate anything once the New Year's confetti settles and the beastly temps arrive...

Birthday aside, January is the month I dread the most; being a hot-blooded West Indian more accustomed to equatorial heat than sub-zero temperatures, there's no 'wonderland' in the winter, for me. However, there's one thing that makes the first quarter of every year fairly bearable - finding a proper coat that's sharply tailored and warm.

The key is the 'sharply tailored' bit, because wearing anything less than impeccably-cut outerwear is tantamount to draping oneself in a down-filled bead-spread and calling it 'chic' - Puffa-lovers, beware. REISS does a fantastic, wool & cashmere-blend version that has the clean and 'about business' feel of a nineteenth century men's topcoat, without the starchy undertones.

Perhaps it's not suitable for arctic treks, but for keeping warm and looking pulled-together on the odd occasion that involves prolonged outdoor jaunts? Their camel coat is perfection, and it's on sale to boot...


NB Images Courtesy REISS