Italo-Brazilian Flair - Paula Cademartori SS2011

As much as I love an outlandishly fashionable piece, it's the effortlessly classic accessories that get the most attention from me. Hence my appreciation for Paula Cademartori's SS2011 debut set of buttery leather bags in an array of delicious, neutral-meets-sherbet tones.

Cadmartori's pieces evoke the understated, ladylike luxury of yesteryear, without being too dated or literal. And the Industrial Design graduate's attention to detail is quite remarkable; the engraved palladium hardware on each purse or clutch speaks to the level of care that went into the design process, and frankly, it's damn impressive.

No word as yet on the price points for the bags, but from the close-ups and finishes that I saw, I'd say these are going to be investment pieces worth splurging on...


NB Images courtesy Paula Cademartori

En Route with Harts for Trinidad Carnival 2011 - pt 1


I had no plans to participate in the Parade of Bands for Carnival in Trinidad, but when the opportunity to rove with the Harts Mas' band from Carnival weekend to Las' Lap presented itself last week, I couldn't resist. Irregardless of the fact that Harts, one of Trinidad's longest running bands, is well known as the very epitome of the Bikini-n-Beads style of costumery, and I'm not necessarily a Bikini-n-Beads sort of masquerader....

Nonetheless, I was stoked to bring you guys a peek into the inner workings of the Harts team (many thanks to Gerald Hart, Kelly Boyce, and Carla Hutchinson, et al) and thus, I headed across to their Mas' Camp (or Studio/Workshop) on a blistering Carnival Sunday afternoon to get into the Harts vibe and their 2011 presentation of Planet Rock.


Fay-Ann Lyons, Meiling, Anya de Rogue & Chejo?

I know, a seemingly unlikely combination, but these uber-talented creatives are combining their efforts to create a fashion spectacle that will - for the very least - be quite intriguing.

Au Courant received word earlier today that the designers will be collaborating on a fantastical, high-fashion ensemble to be worn by past International Soca Monarch, Faye-Ann Lyons (Alvarez, above), as she attempts to retain her title during the competition on Fantastic Friday night in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.

To be truthful, I haven't been to the Soca Monarch competition since my days doing live radio broadcast relays at the event, but this is indeed enticing me to attend, once again!

Promising jewelry from Chejo's budding collection, along with elements of leather, metal pieces, and mirror fragments for the bespoke performance outfit as designed by Meiling and Anya de Rogue, the design team has declared that, "The collaboration expresses visually both the boldness and tenacity of Fay-Ann’s talent, and her demonstrable appreciation of the high energy collision between fashion and music."

I'm envisioning something with a hot-shorts effect, a bustier, and a cape of some sort. Or perhaps, a naughty body suit or some other raunchy, lingerie-looking getup. So for those of your in Trinidad for Carnival definitely keep your eyes peeled to the TV broadcast of the event on Friday night, or find yourself at the event to see the piece, live and direct.

I haven't seen the ensemble as yet, so I'll refrain from sharing my thoughts till Fay-Ann struts her stuff in the bespoke piece...


NB Image courtesy Islandmix

Sun, Sand & Soca - Au Courant does T&T Carnival 2011...

Oh how I've missed the hot sun and flavour of Trinidad & Tobago! Au Courant is doing a bit of time in the twin-island state for the annual Carnival celebrations and thus far, it's been a wild blast.

I'm talking about bar-hopping with friends until the sun literally rises, eating obscene amounts of Indo-Trinidadian delicacies like Pholourie with tamarind chutney, and best of all, wearing my high-summer clothes in March! Ah, the joys...

My apologies for the lack of posts; trust me when I say there's a lot of fun stuff in the publishing lineup to come, from a few intermittent pieces on Fashion Week faves (Jill Sander, Rodarte and Marni, we're looking at you) to sumptuously vibrant features on Carnival.

I'm so excited to share what we're capturing down here: We jumped straight into the action with Children's Carnival last weekend in St. James, where we caught some festive costumery on the kiddos - boy, were they having 'ah time.'

And we'll be hitting up all the other mainstays of Trinidad Carnival over the next few days, from Panyard limes and J'Ouvert with MAS Jumbies, to Las' Lap and Dimanche Gras at the Queens Park Savannah...

As for the fetes? We're not particularly focusing on those, as some of the event managers, PR reps & party promoters appear to be limiting the kinds of coverage that the media can gather.

Call me old-fashioned, but I just don't understand the concept of extending an invitation to a publication to do personal style coverage of the patrons within an event, only to turn around and say that you can't do any photography or videography within the said event...

At any rate, let me wish you all a very happy Carnival! Sending a bit of hot sunshine, rum punch, and Carnival goodness your way!


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