Bill Cunningham - Street Style before it was Chic

You like street fashion, personal style and photo journalism? Then you should watch this, and you should definitely be familiar with the work of Legendary NY Times photographer, Bill Cunningham, aka the grandpappy of street style photography.

The road-paver for everyone from The Sartorialist to the next hot photog on the scene, Cunningham has the most discerning and discriminating eye across fashion journalism, and probably across photo-journalism in general.

Trust me when I tell you that this docufilm about the modern-day legend is a must watch.

I've seen him quite a few times in New York, but alas, going across the street to Gristedes for cereal & milk whilst wearing a ratty pair of leggings, rubber flip flops, and a holey 96.1 WEfm concert tee doesn't make for a Bill Cunningham photo-op.

I'm almost certain that my very scary-looking head of slightly unkempt dreadlocks must have done me in...

Why is it that I always run into people when I'm looking like yesterday's old news? Where's Mr. Cunningham when I'm fully turned out in my Sunday best?

Seriously, though: Watch this trailer and keep your ears to the ground for the word on the film release.


NB. Video Courtesy Zeitgeist Films

Proudrace - Edgy. Chic. Simple. Fresh Manila Fashion

I've never met them, but Rik & Pat, the Filipino design duo behind the underground-chic line, Proudrace, seem to be two pretty cool dudes.

I mean, anyone who can move seamlessly between industrial design and fashion, or can learn to sew on the fly and then go on to launch a wicked collection of edgy jersey pieces has to be super-cool, right?

Don't take my word for it, however: Read on, and get to know two of the hottest designers on the rise from the Philippines:

1. What lead you guys to launch Proudrace, a collection with a very raw & edgy vibe?

Well, when we started with our Spring 2009 collection, we had this somewhat clear sense of where we wanted to take our label. We've always been into simple and minimal design and what stuck out for us, was the impact of the '90s look...


Shoe Crush - Alexander Wang's FW 2011 Heels...

Whenever I sit out a Fashion Week (as I'm doing this year, since I swapped out NYFW for Trinidad Carnival) I take my time to pore over each collection before posting my likes and loves.

But these naked sandals just jumped out at me, demanding that I feature them before I meticulously looked at everything else.

I'm definitely feeling the wacky sexiness of these heels; both the reflective, metallic finish and the barely-there effect are quite unexpected and stunning, even. It's generally not the sort of thing that would pop up in a FW2011 collection.

But then again, Alexander Wang has proven to be quite the genius, when it comes to designing accessories; unexpected and stunning seems to be his forte.

Methinks I want - nay, need -  that silver pair...

NB Images courtesy

Guerilla Style - Shayla Cox storms NYFW

It's always fun to see when a young designer with a clear special touch takes an unorthodox route to promoting and showcasing their work.

Over the past few days, the fashion sites have been rightly buzzing with posts of the sculptural, ceramic jewelry created by Shayla Cox, due in no small part to the impromptu fashion installation-cum-show the designer recently staged at the Lincoln Center grounds during this season's Fashion Week runnings.

With some help from her model friends and AuC fave photog, Kwesi Abbensetts, Cox gave a preview of her collection, as evidenced in the street-style worthy images above. I love her braveness, and the fact that her pieces - all made out of glazed and fired ceramics and chain elements - are both stunning to look at, and to wear.

Her website doesn't indicate how much each piece would cost, but in the short clip above, she does mention the possibility of creating pieces on-demand.

Here's to hoping that her pieces are seen far and wide...

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