If you're in the SoHo area, do pop around to the corner of Broadway & Spring to have a gander at Aritzia's big-apple flagship store; it's currently wrapped up, ever so chicly, in a supersized mural by NYC-based artist Monika Wyndham that's really quite awesome to see...

Inspired by the, "Supernatural powers of nature and the beauty of the Northwest Coast," Wyndham's collage-style mural shrouds the massive, multi-level corner spot, masking all the contemporary design goodies until the summer 2011 launch.

I'd be a nasty liar if I said that I've shopped at Aritzia before - the Canadian store don't sell online, and the last time I visited Toronto, I hadn't the courage to venture beyond the hotel and into that dreaded Canadian winter chill, let alone to go shopping!

However, I've been frequenting their blog on a regular, and it offers more than a hefty dose of the Aritzia artsy-chic, feminine aesthetic, along with daily snaps of designs like these wickedly cool jackets.

I call dibs on the Moto!

Thanks to the folks at Starworks who sent over a peek of the Aritzia SoHo interior so we can all get a glimpse into what lies behind that humongo mural. Definitely feeling the home-y, welcoming vibe of the flagship, and I'm looking forward to seeing the in-house art collection, as curated by Wyndham.

And for those who can't wait till summer, do pop around to the "Shop Before the Shop" temp-space at 524 Broadway to snag some original pieces. Just head up to the 3rd floor.

It's worth it. Trust.


NB Images courtesy Starworks/Aritzia