Like most people, the weather outside dramatically affects my mood, and by extension, what I wear: If it's NYC/London bleak outside, I automatically reach for something from my infinite pile of heather grey, white and black clothing. If it's all blue skies, warm days and puffy clouds, out comes the colours and jangly, shiny bits!

And thus, with the increasingly Spring-y weather that calls for lighter jackets, shorter hemlines, and less layers, I've been feeling the pull towards We Dream in Colour's peppy pieces.

Made from reused elements like Ivory & Bone (on those cute fishies), polished natural shells (on the show-stopping Lae necklaces) and antique brass hooks or cotton rope chains, the 2011 jewelry set from designer Jade Gedeon's WDIC studio is playfully chic and infinitely mood-brightening.

The US-born, Trinidadian-raised Gedeon handcrafts the line from her Essex, MA base, and it's always fantastic to see the great attention to detail that goes into each design; her intricately tooled, oxidized brass range is an instant classic...


NB Images courtesy We Dream in Colour