A Strong Shape - PB0110 Tote Bags

Leather tote bags offer a convenient and chic way of carrying around personal effects, but often doesn't address the issue of easily retrieving said personal effects once they're stored in a tote's gaping, pocketless, amorphous interior. Which is the reason why a proper, structured tote bag like those on offer from PB0110, can be a priceless find. 


Kaarem - A Quiet, Approachable Minimalism

Although the first detail to grab my attention was the birthmark on the model's arm, the overal quiet and stillness of the Kaarem collection, and the effortless hang of each garment is what keeps me looking at this neat range of womenswear.


Ode To Things - Wooden Home Objects

Sometimes I visit the Ode to Things webshop just to daydream about the simple objects on offer, and in particular, to gaze upon the pieces made from lovely, blonde wood with its polished, exposed grain. 


Angular light - Score + Solder Lamps

Occasionally, a maker comes up with a concept so intriguing, it's hard to think of what else they could create. That is, until they reveal their next design and it's a complete advancement on what you previously thought was their best work. Such is the case with Score + Solder. 


Written by Editor + Publisher

Lisa-Marie Harris

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