New Basics - Au Courant Coin Case

There are only three pieces remaining in the Au Courant Studio shop, so I thought I'd share some close-ups of the second item in a series of nine, the firm, leather Coin Case.


Power Style - Death by Elocution

For most of us who dress ourselves each day with an eye towards simplicity, we do so not because we are bland or uninspired, but because we seek function, ease, and elegance in our lives, and by extension, our style. This is something not at all lost on the blogger behind one of my favourite Tumblr reads, Death by Elocution. 


Zoeppritz - Blankets + Angular Staging

Photographers are no strangers to appropriating or outright copying an artwork in the creation of their compositions. What's even better than reproduction, is when an imagemaker can take aspects of a movement's visual lexicon and use it to build upon an existing style, as done with these well-placed blankets from JAG Zoeppritz.


IIKONEE - Minimalism + Brand Ethics

Like a great deal of people, I am fond of well-crafted, genuine leather pieces, raw silk garments, and the like. A fact which I hope doesn't make my growing appreciation of the animal-free, Peta-approved vegan label, IIKONEE, a contradictory one. 


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Lisa-Marie Harris

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