Timepieces - Larsson & Jennings


Slightly reminiscent of a clean-faced Movado piece, these sleek watches from Larsson & Jennings offer a refreshing take on dressing your wrist.


Luxirare - iPhone Frittata

Luxirare never fails to offer mind-blowing, minimalist fare across personal style, fashion design, photography or gourmet food preparation. It's not the most fanciest, daring post ever done on her blog, but nonetheless, her 4 Ingredient Frittata doesn't dissappoint. 


Narielwalla at SHOWStudio

I am always ecstatic when someone I know gets laudations for the good work they create. So the instant I saw ShowStudio's tweet about their sale of select, original works from Hormazd Narielwalla I did a tiny dance of joy for my artistic pal. 


Selections from Protagonist

Their vision stems from a desire to pare back, strip down and pull together, and I believe The Line is on message with their in-house label, Protagonist


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