Completed Works - The Incomplete Pillar Ring

Slowly but surely, I am turning into a jewelry person. Repossi's designs have long become favourites. I've completely warmed up to Bandhu's solid metal-and-leather bracelets. Kattri's Geometry collection has won me over, and now, these 'Incomplete Pillar Rings' from Completed Works are drawing me in for a closer look.


And Daughter - Knits for Chilly Summer Days


A few days ago, I was in Paris walking about Le Marais in a tissue thin blouse, shorts, and Birkenstock clogs. Now I'm back in Amsterdam battling rain, winds, and a very un-summerly chill as I bundle up and contemplate the warmth of And Daughter's cashmere wool knitwear. 


Good Branding - Marie Stella Maris

Recently, I was cycling along Keizersgracht in central Amsterdam and happened upon a beautiful, newly opened concept store called Marie-Stella-Maris Archives.


Edition Azucena - Luigi Caccia Dominioni

Created in the 1950s by the design legend Luigi Caccia Dominioni, these brass lighting pieces are exquisite examples of modernist design in keeping with the clean approach of the Italian industrial design movement of the era.


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