The Daily Journal

I was once like many other foreigners living in the US, in that I thought every stretch of land looked somewhat like a mini Manhattan. Seems like I needed to watch less Sex & the City, and more reruns of Bonanza before moving stateside...

At any rate, venturing outside the more popularized American ports can quickly remedy such assumptions; what did the trick for me was a weekend road trip through North Carolina which ended, most majestically, in the Great Smoky Mountains of Bryson City.  One doesn't need to visit Bryson in particular to be awestruck by the hazy beauty of that range as it extends through parts of Virginia, as well. 

There's something so inexplicably calming about staying in a pristine log cabin, with a hot tub bubbling on a deck which overlooks a scene not at all unlike the National Geographic pictures above. At my particular cabin for two - perched high atop a cliff as it were - there was no cell reception, limited internet service and a cable feed that was patchy, at best.

And I didn't mind one bit. 

Most of the time was spent lounging in said hot tub with a glass of spicy Chimay in hand, or just walking the many trails that snaked its way into thick forestry. Having a pair of hardy LL Bean boots helps. Especially when the trail suddenly turns from gravely bits to a slippery slush,  and you find yourself thanking the heavens that you didn't opt for a pair of lovely, yet impractical 'Alaia Hiking Boots' instead.

Here's to a peaceful weekend...


Sunglasses - Bon Look; Denim Shirt - Vince; Binoculars - Hermes; Pom Pom beanie - Lanvin; Reading Material - The Second Rucksack Book; Weekender - Mulberry; Men's Watch - Wenger; Jeans - Imogene + Willie; Scarf - Acne; Boots - LL Bean; Beer - Chimay Trappist.

NB Images Courtesy National Geographic