Last Saturday night in Los Angeles, Samuel Bayer revealed his impressive black and white nude photographs at the Ace Gallery in Beverly Hills. 

And when I say the works were impressive, I'm not kidding.

Each piece on show explored issues of gender, agency and sexuality through towering six to twelve inch diptychs and triptychs which showed its subjects with full frontal nudity and not one ounce of shame. In fact, it was rather refreshing to view nude shots that didn't attempt to bastardize human bareness through arty compositions or unnecessary guises.

According to Bayer, the idea was to explore, "the kinship between empowerment and fetishistic voyeurism..." through the photo series. Whether or not he achieved this is difficult to say, however; the segmented images of each woman suggested a compartmentalism of femininity that, in some ways, could very well counter the idea of empowerment. 

But perhaps that was the intent...   

PS. Don't you just love the cheeky smiles and strong lip colours on Oroma Elewa, right, and model Jodie Smith in that second shot?



NB Images Courtesy Samuel Bayer/Getty Images/Ace Gallery