The Daily Journal

I've been looking for a proper Moto Jacket for awhile now. Something classic and nipped at the waist, but with an unmistakably updated feel. Perhaps, a jacket with interesting closures and hardware?

With Acne's resort 2013 offering of the Mape leather jacket  I think I've finally found a strong contender.

Brights on a statement piece aren't the sort of thing I ever thought I'd gravitate towards; is there anything more garish than a leather jacket in kelly green? 

But then again, there's nothing that says 'updated' quite like an essential piece done in an unexpected, bold colour.

In fact, the boldness of the kelly green is so overpowering that it blots out everything else, and, in a strange way, works quite like one of my beloved neutrals or greys. Once the weather warms up a tad, I can imagine wearing that topper with shifts, denim, and anything else I can throw together. 

Of course, if my judgement's completely off on this one, there's always the classic black version...



NB Images Courtesy Acne