Anytime there's a label that includes the words 'industrial, luxury, and utilitarian' in its description, my interest instantly peaks. Thus, it's no great wonder that I'm quite intrigued by the pieces on offer by Los Angeles-based accessories brand, Building Block.

The spartan pieces designed by sisters Kimberly & Nancy Wu was initiated in Tokyo prior to finding its way Stateside, and I'm so glad it finally did. The collection - largely a range of angular, minimalist bags in vegetable tanned leather - is the sort of thing that anyone with a decidedly understated style could add to their collection without thinking twice. 

For my part, I'm gravitating towards the rectangular Big Business bag, last image. Beyond the obvious, attention grabbing size, there's a quiet boldness about the portfolio that's very appealing in an offbeat way. And think about how much stuff one can haul away in that bag, without it looking like a gaping, saggy mess...



NB images Courtesy Building Block