Merry Christmas, guys!

This season is a big deal in my family and across the West Indies, but if you don't celebrate Christmas, here's to wishing you a very happy holidays, nonetheless.


I always miss my family and my mum's cooking around these times; seasoned Pastelles & glazed Ham, anyone? 

Thus, in an attempt to bring a little bit of that Trinidadian Christmas spirit to the US for the holidays, I'll be signing off from blog posts until the New Year to chill out with my goodly hubby and perhaps, to try my hand at a few Trini holiday delicacies.

My aunt from the Cayman Islands just mailed me a heaping pack of dried Sorrel drink, so it's about time I head off and throw some spices to boil with those delicious, deep-red leaves!

Here's to hoping your holiday season is festive, restful and fun.

PS: thanks to A Merry Mishap for inspiring me to do the same via her lovely holiday-break post. Isn't that just the most minimalist-chic Christmas tree you've ever seen?


NB Image courtesy A Merry Mishap