As much as I'm a diehard fan of A.P.C., sometimes I find their clean cut basics a little too basic. Even for my understated tastes. 

With the spring 2013 collection and its loose 70s references, however, I've decided to rededicate myself to the A.P.C. aesthetic. Particularly if it involves those granny styled sunglasses; I have a similar pair of frames that I hardly ever wear, but the styling from this presentation has encouraged me to consider them with fresh eyes. 

The palette, as usual, is perfect. Just right shades of sky blue with the very popular oxblood and dashes of navy and white, all begging to be mixed and matched in every way imaginable. 

My favourite look?

It has to be the latter combination, complete with the clutch. I won't be wearing anything that short for quite a few months, but the instant spring rolls around...


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