As much as I enjoy living outside of Trinidad, there are a few things that make me dreadfully homesick at the drop of a hat. 

Things like eating Indo-Trini delicacies from Country Style Doubles around the Savannah, anything that involves spending time with my mum, lazy days at the beach, driving across the Santa Cruz Saddle Road in the dead of night...

The list goes on and on, with scenes like the ones above from Auntie Noble's recent dance rehearsals figuring amongst the things I miss the most. 

Taking part in rehearsals for a Noble Douglas Dance Company Inc. performance is an experience fraught with many, many strong emotions; the pics do a good job of showing both the camaraderie and focus that's always present amongst the dancers.

There's Dave Williams & Kevin Jack, legs actively raised in motion with faces that cannot contain their laughter. And there's the ever-gregarious Sunil, suspended in mid-air and uncharacteristically serious: these are dancers and choreographers in their prime.

However, If one could tilt the lens front or side-stage, one would surely capture another bit of heightened emotion emanating from a surly Auntie Nobes as she commandeers the dancers to perfection. And if one misstep too many is detected?

It would be a reckoning for all...

Images like these remind me of the exciting build-up to a performance, something my old dancer pals must be feeling as they prepare for Transition, tomorrow night's opening of the NDDCI 2012 dance season. Held - as always - at the Queen's Hall Auditorium in Port of Spain, it's going to be an energizing event worth attending.

If you're in Trinidad this weekend, you must do me a favour and seek out this show. Get your tickets quickly, because opening night tends to sell out at the last minute. And wear something casual but standout-ish; the creative folk who attend NDDCI shows tend to be spectacularly dressed without being too glitzy.

Trust me, and just go for it - you'll enjoy the night...


NB Images courtesy Mark Gellineau for NDDCI

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