Wayne Pate colour blocked print
I love a good colour-blocked print.

On the modern end of the spectrum, there are Japanese artists like Hiroshi Tanabe who combine old traditions with new techniques in their illustrations, often to eerily beautiful results. And on the somewhat classic end, there are those masterful Matisse papercuts reminiscent of a solid wood print; anyone remembers his Jazz book of the 1940s?

Enjoying a Tanabe piece is easy as searching online for an old mascara ad from Clinique. And you can certainly have some personal time with a Matisse, providing you can pony up the dosh in an auction. 

But if neither option provides a permanent art fix, perhaps a piece by Wayne Pate is the solution you're looking for. 

Done in limited editions of 50, each framed work offers that stark outline one expects in a colour-blocked print, and the simple compositions provide whimsical scenes to daydream about. Like Summer in the Afternoon, above. 

Now that the crisp fall temps have officially settled in, doesn't the image of a nice, al fresco outing seem even more appealing?


NB Image courtesy Wayne Pate