The Daily Journal

Confession: I shop in the little boys section for some of my essentials.

And in the male teen section. And the mens section, too. Hell, I've even gone to the dusty grandpa section of stores to find just the right oversized cable knit sweater; can't tell you how many times I've been shot quizzical looks from gentlemen in their 70s as I rummage through their racks. 

As such, it shouldn't be surprising to learn that Mr. Porter is one of my private, beloved sites for perusing key pieces - I'm all for their stock of classic, clean menswear with those unexpected updates thrown in for good measure.

Not to mention how their editorial pieces do a bloody good job of making their items even more desirable.

Take this vid, for instance. Apart from the fact that Mr. Nine-to-Five here is quite dashing, you can't tell me the suits and separates he's wearing doesn't make you want to look equally sharp once you step out the door.

The trench he wears, along with that double-breasted cardigan are definite highlights. But the real kicker has nothing to do with men's fashion; wait for the third floor and watch the elderly lady as she sizes him up, ciggie in one hand, and dog leash in the other.

Classic octogenarian cougar behaviour...


NB Images & Video Courtesy Mr. Porter.