I hesitated on posting these detail shots because, well, they've already made their way around the internet and back again since the reveal over the weekend at Milan Fashion Week.

But, it's Jil Sander. By Jil Sander. 

Which, in and of itself, deserves yet another mention... 

Some have already started the unnecessary comparisons between Sander's brand of controlled reductionism vs other approaches such as Celine's too-cool-to-be-cool minimalism, or Raf Simons' midcentury modernist take. Others have wondered how Sander must feel, coming back to the fore after eight years, and after Simons breathed a newfound pep into her eponymous label.

Either way, it doesn't matter really; the restrained SS2013 collection showed as if Sander had never missed a step from her last presentation. And the pieces were marvelous, albeit in a understated manner full of subtle, technical rigour. 

I loved the sharp tailoring and monotone palette, not to mention how desirable all the details are. Those spats-like leather booties?

Bound to be a waiting list-only kind of item for next spring, I'm sure...


NB Images Courtesy Vogue