I've tried my hand at music features on Au Courant before, but quickly lost steam as I wasn't sure my super random taste in artistes would sit well with you guys; my favourites include everything from Peter Bjorn + John and Lykke Li, to Steel Pulse and Eek a Mouse. With some Merchant and Budos Band thrown in for good measure.

However, since stopping with the music posts I've been routinely contacted by an eclectic range of musicians, producers, record companies and the like, wondering if I'd start sharing music again.

So here goes...

One of the more recent emails to land in my inbox came from MUTE, who reps some of the coolest above-the-radar musical acts out there; their first music blast featured the sonic electronica of LA-based Anthony Gonzalez's M83, a band I've apparently been listening to on my Pandora Gorrilaz station without knowing who the hell wrote the songs.

Simply put - M83 is damn good. 

The space-tripping sound is the kind of thing I love to pump on a midday break: It's rousing, but not too energetic, and has that pulsing, 80s synth vibe that reminds me of MGMT on their good days. Add to that the soothing, almost chant-like quality of Gonzalez's vocals, and it makes for a refreshing bit of music.

Looking forward to seeing M83 perform live, especially after peeping this NPR concert shot at the 9:30 club sometime ago... 


NB Images courtesy Timothy Saccenti