The Daily Journal

Since it's becoming more difficult to deny that fall has arrived, what with the increasingly chill days and the need for layers, I've begun to stock up on the essential skincare items to take me through the year's end.

Always first on my list, is some kind of proper lip balm that doesn't taste like candy-tinged petroleum oil, followed by a skin scrub and a healing cream to back up my tub of coconut oil. 

This season, I'm gravitating towards the handmade potions by Julia and Alex of Herbivore Botanicals

I'll admit, I'm a sucker for clean typography and good packaging. And thus, it's the look of the line that first grabbed my attention...

However, a quick browse through their product pages revealed that there's quite a bit of substance to each carefully blended item. Their French Pink Clay soap, for instance, offers a blend of grapefruit oils and natural ginger powder along with the fragrant pink clay, which is said to draw out impurities from the skin whilst leaving it nice and supple.

I'm eyeing their vegan lip balm set in a mix of peppermint and lavender. For the natural goodness, of course, but also for the little drawstring pouch holding the tin pots...


NB Images Courtesy Herbivore Botanicals