Birds of Aperture, a series of winged camera creations imagined and snapped by Paul Octavious, is just the kind of unexpected, fanciful graphic trickery that makes for an arresting image. 

Using a multilayered approach, the Chicago-based artist combines design, craft, photography and what seems to be healthy doses of childlike imagination to create works that are beautiful to look at. 

I first learned of Octavious through Tumblr images of his Puffin Clouds series, where he inhabits his work like an omnipotent Oz, manipulating the billowing shapes into various cloud formations. 

But these feathered pieces have to be my favourite. The last print in particular, the Pilot, is a gem of a photograph; doesn't it seem like the bird-cum-camera is staring you down, demanding your attention?

To be the proverbial fly on the wall whilst Octavious creates his beautifully bizarre work...


NB Images Courtesy Paul Octavious