Reed Krakoff SS13 Leather Tote

Reed Krakoff SS2013 Mesh Booties

Reed Krakoff SS13 ankle strap heels

The collection itself embodies all that Reed Krakoff has come to symbolize - strong, clean, architectural womenswear that one can actually put into heavy wardrobe rotation.

But the accessories?

They easily take the collection's appeal to that extra special place. You know, the place where women rabidly grapple over each other to own what could easily become the piece to wear next season.  

As far as relatively new designers are concerned, Alexander Wang has arguably been the only one to quickly join the ranks of Marc Jacobs et al, in terms of creating highly covetable accessories. Which, as any designer with a sound business plan will assert, can be the very lucrative lynchpin that holds a design empire together. 

Krakoff is rapidly ascending, too, in that his shoes and handbags offer just enough of the directional quality needed for an It piece, without being too polarizing, kitschy or appropriating. 

The nude, ankle-strapped pumps for instance, are obviously another iteration on the capped-toe trend. But instead of recalling Givenchy or YSL's smoldering take, Krakoff's version plays to the athletic/dainty contradiction of ballet dancers in rehearsal, conjuring up imagery of a ballerina's hardy, plastered feet en pointe, secured by those taut elastic bands. 

As for the buttery totes, held clutch-style?

Who doesn't want a leather piece with a rich patina that will probably get better with age?


NB Images Courtesy Vogue