As online spaces increasingly become the main social fora of our lives, I've found that I quite prefer 'meeting people' through their blogs, as opposed to being friended on Facebook or the like. 

Because, as much as one may try to curate the better aspects of their life for the purpose of a fashion or lifestyle website, it's inevitable that parts of their true selves begin to peek through as more content is shared via their online posts and photojournals.

At that point, it's relatively easy to decide whether you like what you see - aka the blogger's actual personality - or not.


I want to believe the same, slow revealing of self happens in each post that Jennifer Hagler shares via her quietly elegant blog, A Merry Mishap; along the way, I've become a fan of her aesthetic. And her obvious, impeccable taste in interior design. 

My favourite AMM post thus far, features the fuss-free impromptu outdoor dinner Hagler shared with her husband - and equally cool blogger/graphic designer - Jeremiah of Emerald Son

Nothing's particularly fancy, but the spread is so warm and inviting that I'm tempted to lean in for a sniff what must be the very delicious aroma of those juicy sausages. 

Do take a browse of Hagler's highly addictive blog, and peek a few of my other recommended reads in the sidebar, while you're at it...


NB Images Courtesy A Merry Mishap