Consider this an open letter begging the designers behind Low Classic to launch an online shop for international buyers. Sometime in the very near future, perhaps?

Lee myeong Sin, Whan Hyun Ji and Park Jin Sun teamed up around 2009 to create this contemporary label and it won't be long before their pieces find its way onto the backs of every minimalist-loving lass, the world over. 

What's particularly fetching about the collection is how the streamlined, boxy feel of the silhouette doesn't take away from the range's understated, youthful appeal. Not to mention how their accessories and bags offer that pared-down quality usually associated with a Margiela piece - but without the sky-high price point.

My favourite item? 

It's a toss-up between the loose fitting grey jacket and that detachable trench. Which I'm sure will look perfect paired with just about anything as the seasons change...


NB Images Courtesy Low Classic