Doesn't it seem like the world's heading into a mega Brazilian moment?

What with the samba-filled teaser staged at Sunday's closing of the London Olympics, done as a precursor to the 2016 Rio Summer Games and complete with appearances from model Alessandra Ambrosio, costumed dancers and the football legend, Pele?

Sure does feel that way, and it's making me instinctively gravitate towards anything Brazilian I can find.

Like the magically-analog imagery produced by Visionaire for their 62nd offering, RIO. A combination of tropical-tinged slides to be viewed on a specially designed stereoscope - all packaged in a lenticular box - Visionaire 62 is essentially a porthole to a highly stylized Rio de Janeiro.

On it's own, it's as much the collector's piece as all of Visionaire's previous works. However, the little addition of a 10-slide portfolio of 3D photography honouring the structures of the legendary Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer, makes the boxed piece something truly special; the rising, arched spires of the Cathedral of Brasilia (top image) makes for a particularly good shot of Neimeyer's work.

Produced by Visionaire in tandem with the digital art gallery & hub, Paddle8, and Oskar Metsavaht (the founder & creative director behind one of Brazil's best fashion exports, Osklen), the combination set celebrates Neimeyer's form-defying, reinforced concrete architectural works in dazzling fashion. And it also gives Metsavaht a chance to share some of his private photography through Ipanema, a web-only, Paddle8 exhibition of black and white images of landscapes and portraits from Rio de Janeiro.

Think dreamy, hazy, and filled with sea breeze, and you'll get what Metsavaht's going for. In his words, "... I constantly photograph things that surround my aesthetics beliefs. These images must be beautiful portraits of what I wish to create, what I wish to transmit through fashion and design."

I'll give you a special code to see the full Ipanema exhibition online, but only if you take a peek into the extended Visionaire 62 boxed set while you're at it...


NB Images Courtesy Paddle8

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