The Daily Journal

Air-travel is so stressful these days, what with the full-body scans, potential customs-official groping, walking around in (hole-riddled?) socks, setting off the scanner with the pen-cap in your pocket...

Add to that the humiliation of having to empty your liquid cosmetics into teeny plastic bags for all-and-sundry to inspect, or worse, to confiscate. As if expensive night creams are easy to find in random international pharmacies.

For those reasons and so many more, I'm in love with Byredo's Eau de Parfum travel vials and their new leather carrying cases. At a mere 12ml, each little bottle can get through most airport security checklines, and the full leather cases are an ease for slipping off just prior to scanning.

And since the average airline has long stopped providing frequent fliers with fancy toiletries, this is going to make for a rather chic way to freshen up onboard, as well.

Especially in a combo of the magnetic-closure burgundy case with a Bal D'Afrique vial snugly fitted inside...


NB Images Courtesy Byredo Parfums