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Toe-Ring Leather Sandals

Ancient Greek Sandals

I've been back from my London-Amsterdam sojourn for a few days now - apologies on the blog absence! And although I'm glad to be in the swing of things, I must say the slightly chilly European weather has left me unprepared for the blistering heat-waves, stateside.

Yes, even West Indians like myself who are accustomed to 30°C year-round temperatures can complain about the heat...

Wearing almost every light and diaphanous garment in my wardrobe has helped, but footing it in $3.99 flip-flops just won't do; between the blisters and the sweaty soles, rubber slippers make for a very uncomfortable form of summer footwear, wouldn't you say?

Hence why I've resorted to hunting down more proper forms of strappy wear, like these Ancient Greek Sandals in lightly burnished leather. Granted, even the most natural leather straps can chafe in the sweltering heat. But with styles that hug the feet in just the right places - and with proper soles, too - these leather shoes are bound to do heavy duty work throughout the summer. 

My go-to style has been the Melpomeni (top image), which is as classic as it gets in the leather slipper department. I kid you not, the toe-ring leather slipper goes with everything from long formal dresses to peg-legged trousers for brunch.

And they're much more comfortable than the braided solo strap would suggest...


NB Images Courtesy Net-A-Porter