Lucas en Lucas - The Reflection Collection

Design objects, even from the best teams, are often purposeless, self indulgent things. So it is always exciting to see projects where function and practicality can be addressed whilst leaving room for the unabashed creativity that makes good design even better, as with these pieces from the Dutch studio, Lucas en Lucas. 


Good Eats - From The Kitchen by Sarah Tuck

Of all the food blogs that exist, From the Kitchen by New Zealander Sarah Tuck is a constant favourite of mine because it offers a veritable feast in an uncomplicated way. 


Transitional Wear - John Lawrence Sullivan

Living in certain parts of Europe teaches you that summer is a relative concept. A 'hot summer's day' is often one that requires a lighter jacket than the usual, thick winter threads. You learn to stop expecting more than that allowance, and you focus instead on styling the aforementioned light jacket with sock-less footwear options or, if you're brave and set on feigning warmth, a pair of shorts.


Good Branding - Opus V by Deutsche & Japaner

I have no idea if the food on offer at Opus V is as delectable as their branding suggests. But I am willing to suspend belief and tell myself the casual approach to fine-dining at this Mannheim restaurant is superb. And I'm basing this belief solely on the look of their identity, as created by Deutsche & Japaner. 


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Lisa-Marie Harris

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