Now Available in Print - Au Courant Magazine 01

After many exciting months of quietly working on every aspect and detail, please allow me to finally introduce you to the very first issue of Au Courant Magazine - An Understated Life/Style.


Bata - Return of the Classic Tennis Shoe

During childhood when I attended primary school back home in Trinidad, I had to wear white shoes as part of my uniform. If mum had a little extra cash, I'd get to wear something fancy like a pair of high top LA Gear sneakers with vents in the sides. Most years, however, I was stuck wearing a pair of cost-effective Bata tennis shoes.


Forms - Sculptures by Tony Smith

Although he was most closely aligned with creatives from the Abstract Expressionism movement, Tony Smith's iconic, geometric metal forms actually emerged in tandem with the burgeoning Minimalist scene, greatly contributing to the idea of reductionism that lies at the heart of minimalism. 


Details - Yvonne Kone's New Store

Over the past two months, things have slowed down on to a halt on this space, and that's for a very good reason. I've been completely and happily absorbed with work on the debut issue of Au Courant Magazine - An Understated Life/Style, which is currently at the printers here in Amsterdam and set to be released in a few short days.


Written by Editor + Publisher

Lisa-Marie Harris

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