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Few publications can boast of working alongside the foremost creators of the 20th century in the way that Cahiers d'Art can. Created during the 1920s, the unique magazine represented the shifting times of the pre and interwar years through intriguing art essays, photography and singular graphic layouts that touched on everything from Cycladic art to Hemmingway's prose.

Which, in and of itself, is quite impressive.


Courtauld Institute - On Documenting Fashion

Scholarship on Fashion History tends to vacillate between the trite and 'serious observations' full of rigour; the latter, of course, is supposed to imbue what many consider to be a waste of time, with some measure of intellectual validity.


Dubie - Deconstructed Minimalism

Minimalism is often associated with rigour, structure and a hard-edged sensibility. I am more interested in 'uncomplicated structure,' but of course, the former has its appeal. Another take that's quite appealing as well, comes by way of an unfinished, fluid deconstructivisim, beautifully utilized by Dubi√© in its summer-ready pieces. 


Bandhu - Stackable Steel Bracelets

Although I'm not big on jewelery, I nonetheless love Bandhu's selection of leather-inlaid bracelets that are perfect for wearing as a single piece or layering on both wrists.


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